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Apps: Configure an App

 Fill out the following information to create or update an App:

  • Name: a custom name used in web captures to select the app.
  • Type: the type of App, such as AWS S3 bucket, Azure Blob storage, FTP, etc.
  • App details vary for each type of App
  • Path: the folder where captures will be uploaded
  • File name: the file name used for the captures

Once your App is configured, you should verify that it works with Blit by clicking on Verify. Blit will attempt to upload a file named blit.png in the folder configured for your App. We will report any error message we get.

You need to ensure that you give the necessary access to Blit to be able to upload files. We have knowledge articles and blogs for each of them:

We are looking at adding more Apps. Please contact us if you want us to add your favorite storage provider.