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Apps: E-mail Archive App

This app is similar to the E-mail App, except captures are sent as an attachment instead of showing inside the e-mail.


This App contains the list of e-mail addresses, the archive's name, and the different screenshots inside the archive. You can then use this App in multiple captures:

  • Archive name: the name of the Zip file. You can use variables such as <date>, for example <date>.zip
  • Captures paths and Capture file name: organize your image files inside the ZIP file

E-mails have a size limit of 10MB. If the ZIP file is bigger than 10MB, the e-mail will contain a link to download the ZIP file instead of an attachment. If there is a single capture file, it will be attached as a PNG or JPEG file.

The verification feature will check that none of the e-mail addresses are blocked by Blit. See this blog post to understand why an e-mail may be blocked.

Note that you can combine the e-mail App and the e-mail feature of the capture; we can send e-mail to both the e-mail list and addresses contained directly in the capture.