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Get your screenshots uploaded automatically to your favorite cloud storage, Slack, your FTP server, etc. Manage e-mail lists.

  • App path and file name
    Create dynamic screenshots file path based on the date and capture settings.
  • Azure App
    Connect Blitapp to your Azure account to get captures automatically uploaded.
  • Configure an App
    Connect Blitapp to Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and more cloud storage or SaaS services.
  • Create a new App
    Blitapp can automatically upload your screenshots to your cloud storage provider or SaaS provider: Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP server, and more.
  • Difference App
    Blitapp can show the differences between a new screenshot and the previous one.
  • Download App
    Customize the file name when downloading a file from your capture history.
  • Dropbox App
    Connect Blitapp to Dropbox, Google Drive, S#, and many other cloud storages to automatically upload your screenshots.
  • E-mail Archive App
    Receive screenshots as attachments instead of inline.
  • E-mail List App
    Create an e-mail list to manage the list of users who receives your screenshots by e-mail.
  • FTP App
    Blitapp can upload captures to your FTP or SFTP server, as well as your cloud drives.
  • GDrive (Google Drive) App
    Connect Blitapp with your Google Drive to store your screenshots and share them easily.
  • Instgram App
    Publish screenshots of web pages to your Instagram account automatically.
  • OneDrive App
    Blitapp can automatically upload your captures to your OneDrive account.
  • RSS App
    Generate and update automatically an RSS feed to share your captures
  • S3 App
    Blitapp can upload screenshots directly to one or multiple S3 buckets with custom file names. Connect Blitapp to your storage provider: Amazon, Google, Dropbox, and more.
  • SFTP App
    Blitapp can upload the captures automatically to your own servers.
  • Slack App
    Send your screenshots as Slack notifications with a thumbnail to share with your team.
  • Verify an App
    Verify that your App is configured correctly before using it.
  • Webhook App
    BLitapp can send a notification to a webhook is complete. This allows interaction with services like Zapier.
  • What is an App?
    Blitapp integrates with many cloud storage providers (Google Drive, Azure, Dropbox, etc.) and web services to automatically upload and share your screenshots.