Automated, scheduled website screenshots to your inbox and cloud storage.

Flexible scheduling

Schedule captures at any time of the day, week, and month. You can even choose to capture your website every minute!

Run your captures on weekdays. Choose specific days of the month or a couple of dates each year.

Our scheduling system accommodates all imaginable schedules.

Flexible and powerful scheduling

Capture many URLs at once

Each capture can contain many URLs. Capture an entire website or RSS feed by providing a sitemap or RSS feed.

Captures multiple pages at once

Organize your captures

Organize and filter your captures with tags.

Each capture is shown as a tile with a thumbnail of the latest capture so that you can easily visualize it.

Pause and resume your captures with one click.

You can edit all your captures at once with the Bulk Edit feature.

Check all your captures with one glance

Send your screenshots directly to your cloud storage

Send your screenshots directly to your cloud account:

Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Slack, AWS S3, Azure Blob storage, FTP, RSS feed, webhook, and more.

Sync captures to your cloud

Hide popups and overlays

Don't want to get annoying ads or subscription links above the content you are trying to capture?

Hide overlays and ads automatically from all your captures.

Hide popups and overlays from your screenshots.

Track metrics

Record Google search results for SEO, Amazon search results, YouTube views, likes and comments, Retweets, etc.

See how you are trending.

Track metrics, ranks, prices, status, and more.

Full history

Browse the entire history of your captures. Filter by tag, date, or specific capture name.

Download all your images at once at any time.

Download all your captures in one file

Customize your e-mails

Choose the e-mail template you prefer. We can also create custom templates with your branding.

Choose between multiple e-mail templates

Log into a website

Blitapp can log into a website before taking a screenshot, hover over an element, click on buttons, fill out a form, etc.

You can create many kinds of interactions with a webpage, as well as capture different states or pages behind a login.

Login to site before taking a screenshot

Customize the browser

Choose the browser type (Chrome, Firefox, or iPhone), the country of origin, the size, etc.

Choose between multiple browsers

Full API

Manage your captures and your account entirely with the API.
Check out the API documentation.

And much more ...

Try Blitapp for free for 14 days. We don't require a credit card or any commitment during the free trial.