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Capture Options: Send To

If you check the option Send an e-mail with the captures, you can choose who will receive the e-mail with the list of captures performed.

By default, we add the e-mail address used for your Blitapp account. You can also send the web capture to other people you know by adding their e-mail addresses in the "Send To" field. This is an excellent option if you want to make sure everyone who should be paying attention to the capture gets an e-mail regularly.

The default list of e-mails

If you send all captures to the same list of recipients, you can update the Default Capture Settings under Account with the list of e-mail addresses. Every new capture you create will use these default e-mail settings.

E-mail App

if you need to update the list of e-mail recipients, you can edit each capture or use the Bulk Edit page to update all captures at once. Alternatively, you can use an e-mail list with the E-mail List App. Assign the e-mail app you created to all captures using the Bulk Edit feature and the Default Capture Settings. Now, update the E-mail List App with new recipients.

See this article for more details about the E-mail List App.

Archive App

Regular e-mails include a thumbnail of all the screenshots in the message. If you would rather receive the images as an attachment, with multiple images saved as a ZIP file, you can use the E-mail Archive App. It works as an e-mail list like the E-mail List App, but with screenshots as attachments.