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Apps: Azure App

This App works with Azure Storage Blob containers. You can find a full version of this guide on our blog.

Create an Azure Storage Container

Create a new Storage Account in your Azure portal or use an existing one. Create a new private container, for example, blit-test.

To give access to Blit to this container, you need to switch to Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer, available for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX. Open the software and look for the Blob Container you created. Right-click on it and choose Get Shared Access Signature.

Make sure you set the Expiry time far in the future.

Check the following permissions:

  • Read
  • Add
  • Create
  • Write
  • List

Then click on Create. The software will show the Shared Access Signature information. Copy the URI that you will need to paste into your Blit App.

Configure the Blit App

Once the Blob container has been created, and the Shared Access URI has been generated and copied, create a new Azure Blit App:

  • Name: a custom name used in web captures to select the app.
  • Type:  Azure
  • Container URL with SAS token: past the URI you copied from the Shared Access Signature information
  • Path: the folder where captures will be uploaded. See our guide for using variables.
  • File name: the file name used for the captures. See our guide for using variables.

Then click on Verify. Blit will attempt to upload the image blit.png to the path specified. If there is a problem, an error message will be shown. You can also check if you see the file in your Azure container using the Azure Portal or the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer portal.

Now that the App has been configured and verified, you can use it with new and existing captures.