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Bulk Edit: Bulk Edit

The Bulk Edit page allows you to edit multiple captures at once.

At the top of the page, choose what capture settings to display:

  • Tags associated with the capture
  • Pause: enable or pause captures
  • URLs to capture
  • E-mails recipient
  • Apps related to the capture
  • Schedule: Time at which the capture runs
  • Days at which the capture runs
  • Browser size
  • Browser Country of origin
  • Javascript snippet to inject

Then, you can choose a subset of your captures by:

  • Tags: select one or multiple tags
  • Active captures: not paused and for the current period
  • Browser Country of origin

You can sort the list of captures by:

  • Name of the capture
  • Time at which the capture runs - the earliest time is taken
  • URLs - the first URL alphabetically is used

Changing the capture list, or sorting it, does not lose your changes. If you update a capture and hide it, Save all changes with save it as well.

Alternatively, you can use the Blitapp API to manage your captures at scale.