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Apps: What is an App?

Apps automatically store your captures on your cloud storage provider: AWS S3, Azure Blob, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, FTP servers, etc. Once you create an App, you can use it in any web capture to get your screenshots uploaded directly to your provider.

You can create dynamic folders and file names with each app. If you need different folder structures, create other Apps for the same AWS S3 bucket, Azure Blob, etc., configured with different folder and file schemes.

We are working on adding more types of Apps. Contact us if you need an app for a different provider.

Apps are available on most plans. If your plan allows for 3 Apps, you can create Apps of 3 different categories. Multiple Apps in the same categories count as one. For example, if your plan allows 3 Apps, you can choose to create the following:

  1. one S3 App
  2. 5 Google Drive Apps
  3. 10 E-mail List Apps