Account Settings: Billing

All plans are prepaid. You will be billed on the first day of your subscription cycle, either once a month or once a year. If you upgrade your account, you will be prorated for the current cycle. Note that the number of screenshots available resets on the first day of the month.

Users receive an e-mail from our payment processor just after their payment. The invoice is not attached to the e-mail, but it is available under Account. You can download all your invoices as PDFs there.

users with a yearly subscription will receive a notification for the renewal of their membership a week before it happens. Yo stop the renewal, go to Account and click on Cancel Subscription under the list of plans available. Alternatively, you can switch to a monthly plan or upgrade or downgrade your plan.

You can update the name and address that appears on each invoice by updating the Billing details:

Changing the Billing details will update current and past invoices.