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Advanced Web Page Options: Automation steps

The automation steps describe the list of commands that the browser must execute. Unlike the injected JavaScript, these steps can be carried out over multiple pages and generate multiple screenshots. Each step contains:

  • a command:
    • type: type text, like a username or password
    • click: click on an element
    • javascript: execute JavaScript
    • sleep: wait for a number of seconds
    • navigate: navigate to a new URL
    • screenshot: take a screenshot of the current screen, page, or specific element
    • scroll: scroll to an element on the page or a specific height
  • an element (optional): a CSS selector targeted by the command, for example, the input field to type a username, the element to click on, etc.
  • a value (optional): the number of seconds to sleep, the text to type, the URL to navigate to, or the JavaScript code to execute

The steps can be used to log in to a site before taking several screenshots, to modify a page before the capture, to fill out a form, etc.

The automation steps are repeated for each URL if the capture contains multiple URLs. If you want to run some steps once, for example, to log in to a website first, use the Initial Automation steps.

More information and examples are available on our blog.