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Advanced Web Page Options

Advanced settings for your capture: browser, image size, interactions wit the page, and more.

  • Advanced Web Page Options
    Blitapp offers deep levels of customization of your capture: interactions with your page, browser settings, country of origin, screenshot size, and more.
  • Automation steps
    Blitapp can fill out form, click on elements, login to a page and many other types of interactions with web pages.
  • Browser Height
    Blitapp uses real browsers to capture pages. Configure the browser size, vendor, mobile or desktop
  • Browser Scroll To
    Capture a non-visible part of a web page by scrolling to it.
  • Browser type
    Blitapp offers a variety of web browsers for captures: Chrome, Firefox, Brave (ad-blocker), and iPhone.
  • Browser Wait
    Specify how the browser should wait after the page load event to take a screenshot
  • Browser Width
    Blitapp uses real browsers to capture pages. Configure the browser size, vendor, mobile or desktop, ...
  • Click on Elements
    Click on a button, accept a cookie banner, etc. Blitapp lets you interact with a web page before taking a screenshot.
  • Country
    Choose the country of origin of the browsers that capture pages.
  • Dark mode
    Enable dark mode on Chrome-based browsers to capture wb pages.
  • Hide Elements
    Hide an ad, a cookie banner, or any overlay before taking a screenshot.
  • Hide Popups
    Blitapp provides a setting to hide all overlays, popups, and cookie consent banners that may obfuscate the page content.
  • Hover an Element
    Blitapp allows for rich interactions with a web page, including clicking on elements, hiding to hovering part of the page.
  • Image Crop Dimensions
    You can crop your screenshot, and specify the width, height, and top/left positions.
  • Image Quality
    Get high quality PNG captures or smaller JPEG files.
  • Image Zoom
    Change the size of the image with a zoom.
  • Initial Automation steps
    Blitapp can login to a website and then take screenshots of multiple pages. Capture internal dashboard and other applications that require sign up.
  • JavaScript Snippet
    Modify a website before taking a screenshot by injecting a custom Javascript.
  • Maximum Wait
    Tune how long the browser should wait for the page to load.
  • Screenshot size
    Capture the full web page or only the visible portion.
  • Strict SSL
    Blitapp lets you ignore or show the SSL certificates from domains you capture.