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Capture History: Troubleshooting Errors

We strive to make sure your web capture always succeeds, but there are cases when an error can occur when the web browser is trying to capture a screenshot of the page. The good news is that most of these errors can be solved by reconfiguring your web capture or making changes to the web page. Here is a list of all of the issues that may ncounter:

  • The website timed out. The web page takes too long to load if you get this error. Blitapp allows a web page to take about 5 minutes before canceling the screen capture and saving with this error. Typically, this can only be resolved by updating the web page to load faster.

  • The website was not reachable. This error tells you that the website was not reachable by the Blit cloud web browser. This usually means that Blitapp's web browser can't reach the web server. This can only be resolved by ensuring the web server is working correctly and accessible by all who try to access it.

  • Your capture limit was exceeded. Every Blit subscription has a monthly capture limit. If yogetng this error, you will want to upgrade your subscription. You can upgrade your subscription on the Account Page.

  • Your free trial has expired. This means your14-day trial has expired, and it's time to upgrade your subscription. You can upgrade your subscription on the Account Page.

  • Unsuccessful status code. This means the web server responded with a non-200 status code. The web server needs to be updated to return a 200 status code for this web page.

  • Failed for an unknown reason. This is the catch-all error case that didn't fit the above circumstances. If this happens, please reach out to the support team to help you resolve the issue.

Bltiapp will attempt to take a screenshot when an error occurs. Failed captures will be retried up to 3 more times.