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Capture Options: Web Page Link

The Web Page Link field is how you specify precisely which URL(s) you want to capture. The link needs to be a full URL. An example of a complete URL is

The captures take place on web browsers that run on Browshot cloud servers. The web browsers are not authenticated as your user for the web page. However, there are ways to log in to a website before taking a screenshot. If you need to fill out a login form, you can inject a JavaScript Snippet to fill in the user name and the password and click the login button. Feel free to contact us if you need help.

Multiple links

You can receive an e-mail with multiple captures in it. Choose "multiple" and enter one URL per line. The scheduled e-mail includes all images and mentions whether some URLs could not be retrieved.

All screenshots start simultaneously unless you check the option Wait for the previous URL to be captured before beginning the next one. This option is helpful with websites that may rate limit browsers that make too many requests in a short amount of time.

External source

Blitapp can fetch a list of URLs hosted on any website and take captures of them. We currently support the following:

The list is fetched before capturing, so it may change from capture to capture. These feeds may contain tens, hundreds, or even thousands of URLs. You have the option to limit how many captures are taken. If no limit is specified, Blitapp will run a capture for all URLs if you have enough screenshots left for the month.

We strongly suggest testing the external URL first. Click on Test: Blitapp will fetch the external URL and extract the URL list. You can verify that the URL is accessible and supported by Blitapp.

The e-mail will contain all the captures taken. Failed captures will be listed too. One entry for each URL will be created in the history.


Blitapp can capture URLs listed in a Google spreadsheet and update the spreadsheet with information related to the capture: the link to the image, the status of the screenshot (SUCCESS or ERROR), and the path of the screenshot uploaded to an App.

You need to share the spreadsheet with Blitapp to give access. Share it with the e-mail address Then enter the link to the spreadsheet in the capture settings.

To check that the spreadsheet was shared correctly, click on Test Access. This will check that Blitapp can read the spreadsheet and that you specified the correct column name that contains the list of URLs to capture.

If you want Blitapp to update the spreadsheet as the capture is done, you can add these option column names:

  • Image link: Blitapp will add the link to the screenshot. This link can be accessed by peopled logged in to their BLitapp account. it cannot be shared with other people.
  • App path: if you add an App to the capture, like Google Drive, Blitapp will add the uploaded file path.
  • Status: the status of the capture once done, SUCCESS, or FAILED. No status will be added while the capture is IN PROGRESS.

For more information, checkout the article on Google Spreadsheets.