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Capture Options: Google Spreadsheet

Blitapp can take a list of URLs to screenshot from a Google spreadsheet. Optionally, Blitapp can update the spreadsheet with information related to the capture: status, link to the image, and path of the screenshot uploaded through an App.

Prepare your spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet must contain one column with a list of URLs. The first row should include the name of the column. You can choose any column name and column number.

Each URL should start with http:// or https://. If the value is blank, the row will be skipped.

You can include additional columns to be updated by Blitapp. You can choose any name for these columns, and they can appear in any order. These rows should be updated by Blitapp only.

Your spreadsheet can include other columns. These will be ignored and kept as it is.

Here is a simple Google spreadsheet we'll use as an example:

Share your spreadsheet

To give access to the spreadsheet to Blitapp, you must share it with the e-mail

You can give us Viewer or Editor access:

  • Viewer: Blitapp can read the list of URLs but cannot edit the spreadsheet to add information about the capture.
    Every time the capture runs, all URLs will be captured, even if they were captured earlier already.

  • Editor: Blitapp can read the list of URLs and edit the spreadsheet. Blitapp will add information for the column you have defined.
    Every time the capture runs, Blitapp will check for any existing information for the Every time the capture runs. It will capture only URLs that don't have such information. This means you can add new URLs. Blitapp will capture these new rows only.

Setup your capture

Create a new capture in Blitapp. Choose spreadsheet as the Web Page Link type. In the URL, enter the spreadsheet URL: click on Copy Link in the share screen, or enter the URL you see in your web browser. The URL should look like this:

Define the columns that you want Blitapp to update. Remember that you should have at least one of these columns if you don't want the same URLs to be captured every time the capture runs.

All the regular capture settings can be applied: trackers, Apps, schedules, e-mail, etc.

Remember to Test Access to ensure Blitapp can read your spreadsheet and find the URL list.

How Blitapp gets the list of URLs to capture

Blitapp checks the columns you specified for the URL list. It will skip and empty cells. Each row will check if you set one of the other columns (image link, App, and status). If any of these cells contain a value, Blitapp will skip the URL.

If you want to regularly add URls to your spreadsheet and capture these new URLs, ensure you have at least 1 column specified for updates: status (recommended), image link, or App (with at least 1 App added to your capture). You can set your capture schedule to check the spreadsheet hour or more often to capture new URLs.

If you want to screenshot all URLs every time the capture runs, do not specify an additional column.