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Apps: GDrive (Google Drive) App

This App lets you upload your web captures to your Google Drive account. You can find a full version of this guide on our blog.

Authorize the Blitapp App

We have created a Blitapp App for Google Drive that lets Blitapp upload screenshots to your account. Create a new App of Type Google Drive. Under Google Authorization, you will get a link to Authorize Blitapp. Click on the link to Authorize Blitapp to upload screenshots to your account.

Our Google Drive App requests the minimum permissions to create files in your Drive. As a result, Blitapp can write to the folder created by the App only. If the verification fails, please choose folders that don't already exist.

Configure the Blit App

Once the Dropbox App has been authorized, you can finish filling out the information:

  • Name: a custom name used in web captures to select the App.
  • Type:  Google Drive
  • Path: the folder where captures will be uploaded. Please take a look at our guide for using variables.
  • File name: the file name used for the captures. Please take a look at our guide for using variables.

Unlike most cloud storage providers, Google Drive allows "special characters" in file names. If you use <URL> in the filename, we will use the URL as it is ( as an example) without normalization.

Also, Google Drive allows multiple files with the same name. If you use a static file name or if you have multiple URLs that generate the same manes, you will get multiple files with the same name in your Drive.

Then click on Verify. Blit will attempt to upload the image blit.png to the path specified. If there is a problem, an error message will be shown. You can also check if you see the file in your Dropbox account.

Now that the App has been configured and verified, you can use it with new and existing captures.

Team Drive or Shared folders

To upload files to a shared folder or team drive, follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder in My Drive, or use the folder created by Blitapp
  2. Right-click the folder and choose Add Shortcut to Drive.
  3. Select Shared with Me or Team Drive.
  4. Navigate to the older or team drive and select the folder to add your shortcut to
  5. Google Drive will request confirmation to share the folder with other people

Then, Blitapp can create folders and add files to your own drive. The captures will be available to everyone who can access the shared Drive or folder through the shortcut you created.