October 18, 2022

Track your Amazon product rank, Google search rank, YouTube views, Retweets, and more

Track metrics such as your Amazon product rank

We have added the ability to track metrics, such as your Amazon product rank, Google search rank, YouTube likes and comments, and more. Blitapp can show you the metrics in your history, and the new page shows the trends over time.

Today, we offer the following trackers:

  • Amazon: Category rank, Search rank. See more details in our new Support portal
  • Google: search rank. More Information is available in the support page.
  • Twitter: Likes, Quote Tweets, and Retweets. See how they work here.
  • YouTube: Comments, Likes, and Views. Check out some examples on our support page.

We will add more trackers as we get requests from our users. We also support private and custom trackers that can be added on demand.

You can now get your screenshots uploaded directly to your cloud storage through Apps, including your own Microsoft OneDrive account.

Add one or multiple trackers to your capture

You will find a new option under the list of URLs: select one or multiple trackers to add.

For example, here are two trackers that check the rank of two websites (blitapp.com and browshot.com) for three Google searches:

Track your search rank for several Google searches

You can add automation steps to check multiple Google results pages:

Check multiple search result pages on Google

For Amazon, you can check the rank of one or multiple products in Amazon categories or any Amazons search:

Check the rank of Amazon product IDs

We can add trackers for prices, status, etc.

See the metrics in your history

When found, the metrics are reported in your history:

See your metrics in your history

You can track multiple metrics for multiple URLs in one capture. Blitapp will automatically retrieve and show the relevant information. In this example, Blitapp retrieved the video’s name and the metric type (Comments, Likes, and Views).

Visualize the trends

There is a new tab in the history to visualize the metrics as graphs.

Visualize all metrics

You can see all your trackers for the last 30 days by capture. Select one, and you can see a graph of the different metrics:

Visualize all your trackers

Click on any data point to get the corresponding screenshot:

See the screenshot for a specific metric

You can merge the multiple graphs to compare them. For example, you can compare the rank of a website for various searches:

Compare the rank for multiple searches

Trackers and screenshots as proof

For each metric, you have a proof in the form of a screenshot. We also offer custom apps, for example, to produce a dashboard that can be shared within a company or with your customers.

Trackers are in Beta

This feature is still in beta. Please report any bugs or improvements you’d like to see. Eventually, we will add several trackers as part of each plan.