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Trackers: Amazon Trackers

We support these trackers for Amazon - more can be added on demand:

  • Amazon Category Rank: check the rank of a product in a category of goods from Amazon (like a Book category)
  • Amazon Search Rank: check the rank of a product in any Amazon search (like Best toys)

Enter the Amazon product ID you want to track. Note that one item may have multiple Amazon product IDs for a different sizes, colors, etc.. For example, the same book will have different product IDs for the Kindle version, paperback, and hardcover. Simply create one tracker for each product ID.

The tracker will report the rank of the product, if found, as well as the category or search terms used.You can track multiple captures for different categories or searches in the same capture, Blitapp will automatically report the relevant information.

You can combine the trackers with the automation steps to track products across multiple search results pages.

The rank is reported in the history, inside the History page and inside the capture settings:

Under History, a new Trackers page shows the metric over time: