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Track metrics & status on web pages

  • Amazon Trackers
    Track your product rank across multiple Amazon categories or Amazon searches. Check the rank in your history, and with graphs to see the trends.
  • Custom Trackers
    Blitapp can track any kind of metrics or status on any website. Ask us about adding custom trackers.
  • Google Trackers
    Track your Google search rank for multiple web site and search terms from different countries. Get a screenshot as proof.
  • Track metrics & status
    Track metrics such as such a product rank on Amazon, a website rank on Google, the number of likes or views of a YouTube video or tweet, and more.
  • Twitter Trackers
    Monitor the number of retweets, quoted retweets, and likes. Get a screenshot as proof.
  • YouTube Trackers
    Track the number of views, comments, and likes on YouTube. Get a screenshot as proof.