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Team: Add a Member

This feature is currently in beta.

You can add multiple users to your account to view the capture history and capture configurations and/or to manage the payments to Blitapp.

Important: Team members cannot have a Blitapp account already. If the email address is already used with Blitapp, the account owner has to delete their account and wait up to 24 hours to be added as a team member.

To add a team member, enter their email address, name (optional), timezone, and roles. Then click Create user.

This will create a new Blitapp account for them. They will receive an invitation to set their password.

After setting their password and logging in to their Blitapp account, they can update their information (name, timezone). 

The Admin can update the team members' roles anytime and remove users from the team. If a user is removed from a team, their account will still be valid as a free trial, but they will no longer be able to see the team's capture history, capture, or billing.

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