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Team: Roles

This feature is currently in beta.

You can share your Blitapp account with multiple team members. Each member can have a different level of access:

  • View: view the capture history, captures, and apps.
    This role is automatically assigned to all uses and cannot be removed. These users can update their account information (timezone, first name, last name, etc.)

  • Create: create, update and delete their own captures and apps.

  • Modify All: update and delete all apps and captures.

  • Billing: select and modify the team plan, change the credit card information, and see the payment invoices.

  • Admin: add team members, and update the role of team members.
    This role includes Read, Create, Modify All, and Billing. Currently, there can be only one Admin per team.

View Role

Users with the Read roles have a slightly different version of the Blitapp UI available to them: all buttons to create, update or delete resources (captures, Apps, etc.) are removed. For example, the left menu is missing the button New Capture:

Users with the View-only role have access to the capture history, the definition of captures, and Apps, as well as the current team plan, the list of team members, and their roles.

Create Role

Users can create their own captures and apps. They can modify and delete captures and apps they created but not those created by other team members.
The apps can be used by all team members in their captures.

Modify All Role

Unlike Create, this lets the user update or delete apps and captures created by other members.

Billing Role

This role allows the user to modify or cancel the team Blitapp plan and view the transaction PDF receipts.

Admin Role

The Admin role gives full access to Blitapp. Currently, there can be only 1 Admin per team.

Every user not part of a team is an Admin.

See also: Your Team, Add a Member