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Apps: Instgram App

The Instagram App lets you automatically post screenshots of web pages to your Instagram page.


You must contact us at or through the ticketing system to get added to the Instagram App until Facebook approves it.


You must link Blitapp to a Business Instagram account and a single page.

  1. Create a New App and use Instagram as the type.
  2. Fill out the name.
  3. Choose a caption. You can use variables to create a dynamic caption.
  4. Click on Authorize Blitapp.
  5. You will navigate to Facebook to connect your Instagram account with Blitapp
  6. Make sure you select an Instagram Business Account.

  7. Choose one Page to use with Blitapp. If you need to publish to multiple pages, create multiple Instagram Apps.

Once the app is authorized, you will be redirected to Blitapp. 

The App configuration will show which Instagram page was selected. In this example, the page is called Test publish.

Click Verify to make sure the app works.

Then hit Save.


Instagram has many requirements and limitations on its API:

  • You must have a Business Account and an Instagram page.
  • The captures using the Instagram app must be in JPEG format.
  • The captures must have an aspect ratio of 1.91: to 4:5. You can use our cropping options.
  • A maximum of 10 screenshots can be uploaded for each capture.
  • Instagram has a limit of 25 uploads a day.