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This App allows you to receive your captures in a Slack channel. You can find a full version of this guide on our blog.

Create an App in Slack

First, you need to create an Incoming WebHooks App in Slack. 

Click on this link to create a new Slack app.

  • App Name: choose a custom name, for example, Blitapp
  • Development Slack Workspace: use the workspace where the App should be active

Then, choose Incoming Webhooks. Make sure you Activate Incoming Webhooks.

At the bottom of the page, click on Add New Webhook to Workspace.

The next screen chooses the channel where the new App should post the captures. Click on Allow.

On the next screen, copy the URL generated at the bottom of the screen. You will need it in Blitapp.

Create a Slack App in Blitapp

Go to Apps and click Add an App.  Choose Slack as the type. Enter a name for your Slack App. 

Under Webhook URL, enter the URL you copied from Slack. Click on Verify. You should see a notification in your Slack channel.

Your Slack App is ready to use. You can add it to any capture to get the screenshots posted directly to your Slack channel.