Capture Options: Tags

Tags are a way to help you keep your captures organized. You can filter your tags from the Captures and History pages in Blit. To add a tag to your capture, enter a tag name into the "Tags" field and press "Enter". Then when you save the capture, the tag will be visible from the Captures,  History, and Bulk Edit pages.

Blitapp suggests a list of existing tags as you type in. You can select an existing tag or create a new one.

Here's an example of using tags on your captures. Let's say you have 20 scheduled captures on Blit. Ten are for different pages of your company website, and the other ten are for products your company sells on Amazon. So for the first 10, you add the tag "website," and for the second 10, you add the tag "amazon". Then from the Captures page, you will see two pill buttons "website" and "Amazon". When you click on "website" your view will be filtered, and you'll only see the captures related to your company website.