March 18, 2020

New features - test your capture, bulk edit

We have made two improvements to Blitapp:

  1. Test your captures outside of their regular schedule
  2. Make changes across capture

Test your captures

You can now test your captures without having to wait for the scheduled time to kick in. In your capture, there is new button Save & Test. It works for all captures, even paused captures. This saves any change you may have done to your capture, and run a test. It will then display the history of the capture. Your test will show as IN PROGRESS. When the capture is done, it will change to SUCCESS or ERROR. If you close the history, you can click on the History link at the bottom of the page to see the history popup again.

test your capture

Tests count towards your monthly plan. Tests are run as regular capture. This means an e-mail will be sent (if enabled) to all the recipients, apps will be run, etc.

Bulk Edit

We made it easier to make changes across captures. This is particularly useful it you have similar captures and need to update them all at once. There is a new Bulk Edit entry in the left menu. It will display some of the settings of all your captures.

You can filter the list of captures based on tags and on their properties (paused or active). You can also decide what properties to display or hide. Changes are applied only after you click on Save all changes.

Bulk Edit

Let us know if you need additional filters or properties displayed.

We need your feedback

These two features were requested by some of our users. We also added a couple of other smaller improvements, such as the comment section at the end of the capture, after it was requested by customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us about new features, improvements, etc.