September 07, 2020

Monitor your Amazon listings with Blitapp

Capture, Review and Archive your Amazon listings

Many users subscribe to Blitapp to monitor their Amazon listings: product page, search results, reviews, special deals, etc.

Amazon tends to make unannounced and unwanted changes to listings. Our users want to quickly see when a change happens and be able to prove what their product page or search results looked like before the change. They the e-mail to quickly spot any changes to their page. The apps (typically Google Drive or Dropbox) keep an archive they can produce anytime.

With Blitapp, you can set up daily captures of all your listings and Amazon pages and receive screenshots directly in your inbox. You can split the captures to contain multiple screenshots — for example, to group the product description, reviews, and search into one e-mail.

You can also set up captures at specific dates — for example, to track limited special offers. Set up an App, like Google Drive or Dropbox, to share screenshots or archive them for years.