September 22, 2019

Integration with Browshot

Following the acquisition by Browshot, we have started to integrate withe Browshot API with Blit. This will allow Blit uses to enjoy better screenshots and plenty of new features.

Users are being migrated to Browshot. You will receive an e-mail when your account uses the Browshot API. You will observe some differences after your account as been moved to Browshot. We will be updating this blog post with information about new features and changes in behavior:

  • Wait Until Event has been removed, Browshot uses both OnLoad and onDOMContentLoaded.
  • Wait is set to 5 seconds by default and can be increased to up to 30 seconds.
  • Browser Height is the height of the browser window. You should set to 1024 to simulate a regular window size. The height of the screenshot remains the hight of the page, regardless of the browser height (up to 20,000px).
  • Browser: choose Chrome, Firefox or iPhone 5 as your browser. The iPhone has a fixed browser width and height, so these 2 fields are hidden if the iPhone browser is selected.
  • Country: take screenshots from the USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Netherlands and Italy. Additional countries can be added, contact us.
  • Screenshot Size: take a screenshot of the entire page (Full page) or the visible browser window (Screen).
  • Scroll is used with Firefox and with screenshots of the screen only.
  • Click on Element: click on any element on a page, such as a banner or consent popup.
  • Hide Element: hide any element on a page, such as a cookie banner or ad overlay.
  • Hover an Element: simulate a mouse over to show a tooltip or other additional content.
  • If an error occurs with the screenshot, an e-mail will be sent.
  • If the image file is grater than 10MB, the image is compressed to fit in the e-mail. The image saved in the history remains the same.
  • The capture pages shows which screenshots are paused.