October 08, 2019

Group of screenshots, more accessible schedule

We have just added the ability to capture a group of URLs simultaneously. Edit or create a new capture. Next to Web Page link, choose multiple. You can enter many URLs, one per line.

Create a group of screenshots

All screenshots will be taken at the same time. A single e-mail is sent with all captures. You may notice that the images are not sent as attachments anymore but as external images. This allows us to fit many screenshots in one e-mail without worrying about a size limit, and to include much better quality images. This will soon be extended to single captures.

Add many URLs in one group

If some web captures fail, they will be mentioned at the top of the e-mail. The history will contain one entry for each URL.

See the details of the group in the history

This new feature is still in beta; we welcome your feedback to make further improvements.

We also made scheduling capture easier to understand. While we cover all of the uses cases we did before, it’s now easier to schedule:

  • a daily screenshot
  • screenshot for specific days of the week
  • screenshot for specific days of the month
  • screenshot at a mix of fixed dates, some days of the week and some days of the month

Easier schedule of web captures