January 18, 2020

Choose the image quality and size

Blitapp used to take screenshots as JPEG files. When we took over Blitapp, we switched to better quality PNG images. But these PNG files can have a much larger size size, going over 15MB for a full page screenshot.

Now, you have a choice between JPEG and PNG for all you captures. Click on Advanced Web Options, you will find the new option *Image Quality” to switch between PNG and JPEG.

Image Quality option in Blitapp

To give you an idea of the file size and quality for both formats, here are a couple of examples. You can open both images in new tabs to compare the quality:

Amazon product page, 1,280 x 7,941px

Instagram homepage, 1,280 x 10,830px

The difference in terms of file size gets bigger as the screenshot size is bigger, but also depending on how “busy” is the web page.